Me Vs. Gamestop…Again

So if you know me any at all you know I hate Gamestop more than just about anything, well with the exception of old people. That’s a whole different story. Well, one of the sites I have been visiting recently has a blog up about Gamestop that led me to do some investigation of my own. Needless to say I have had some very interesting results. Before you read this blog you should read the blog on

So to start with I went down and just looked around and observed things I seen and looked over prices and found some odd things. First off, the ‘manager’ of the store almost came right out and refused to sell a 360 to a guy because he was pro Ps3. Now, I understand if you prefer a system over another, but come on. To actually say to someone:”The 360 is crap and will be obsolete in a year or so.” That is a bit extreme. One of the things I looked at was the price of Fable 2 used. The price was $34.99. So after doing some thinking I decided to ask how much I would get for trade in if I traded it. I was told I would get $11.50 for trade credit. WOW! Now, I know it’s an ‘old’ game and all, but that seemed a but crazy to me.

Then I was talking to the manager yet again about up-coming games. He told me that the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2 did not exist. His reason for saying this was this:”I know all the games coming out this holiday season, because we will always know before you guys will. That’s why this job is awesome.” Ok? Then he told me that Red Dead Redemption and BioShock 2 will not be delayed till 2010. That too was complete crap as it has been announced that the games has been pushed back till Fiscal Year 2010. When I told him this he told me: “You don’t really know what your talking about. If it’s in this computer that’s how it is.” Really he said that.

So as I bought a copy of NCAA 07 for $2.99(hey it was good deal) he told me that I should reserve a copy of Modern Warfare 2 because it would be so popular that if I did not I would never lay my hands on it till after Christmas. What? The final blow for me if you will was when he told me to trade my 360 for a Ps3. The reason he told me I should trade is the best and most irritating reason. He said:”After MAG comes out the PS3 will dominate all the other platforms and the 360 will be a thing of the past.”

Now, by this point I was beyond pissed off so I told him that I ran this web site. He asked what site I told him. So I hope he will visit and see the that I displayed his crap here on the front page. So I will not say his name, but I will say this to you Gamestop manager. Read the links I posted. Know people hate you. You are not in the ‘industry, you do not know what you are talking about 90% of the time and if this blog has deferred one person from your store then all of the shit you spewed to me will be worth me hearing it. Good day sir.


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