The Smell of Greed

Has anyone ever wondered how long it would take for Microsoft’s obsession with money to take over the xbox? Well, the time is now.

Now, some people might already think that things on the 360market place are over priced. I didn’t start to notice things until a few months back when The Watchmen game hit the 360. 1600 Microsoft points for this chit ball game. Now I gave it the benefit of the doubt because it was $20 on PSN as well. I also thought that the premium themes where a bit over priced as well at 250 points, but nothing prepared me for what I saw when I was accepted into the Summer update preview.

Now I had counted on shirts and things like that being 80 to 120 points. Fine with me. Then I hit the props section and seen that the remote controlled Warthog was 320 points. I of course went ahead and bought it just to see it on my avatar. Bought some other cloths and was pretty happy with what the Avatar market place was bringing to the 360. The August 11th came and I was disgusted. After the update went live to everyone we seen a steep increase in prices on most everything. Shirt and similar items are still priced decent, but everything else has become stupid.

I woke up on the 11th and was pumped for the light saber that could be bought for your avatar. Then I seen it was 400 points. Not only that, but the ‘suits’ that you can buy are ridiculously priced. Most average from 320 to 400 points and the ones that have head gear have to be bought separate for another 160 points. That’s just that’s just the problems I have with the avatar market place. The Games On Demand is a whole different animal. $20 for Call of Duty 2? Really? All the game that are listed range from $20 to $30. The thing that bites my ass is that you have to use a credit card for these purchases. Everything on the market place can be bought with points, except games on demand. If anything that will be what makes it fail.

Now, I hate Game Stop. If I’m going to use real money for these games then I would rather spend less at a used retailer than give the full amount to xbox for a game that will clog up my HD as long as I own it. Results from me to Microsoft. EPIC FAIL! As the years progress and more updates hit the dashboard, things become more expensive and we see more ads on the dashboard. Explain this to me. Or maybe the explanation is in the title.


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