What We Got

You know we have had some of our features so long that they may be buried in posts. So I thought I would throw a little reminder up for all the new peeps that have came by.

The forums. Huge thing. Pretty much all the events and planning as well the announcement of any new features we add are made in there. So if you’re not signed up that’s fine, but be sure to check it out for some very valuable information about jggh.net.

On the left of the site you should see “site admin’. That’s where you can go and write in the jggh Community Voice as well as any other thing you would like to write about. We also have a kind of dead WiKi. No one has really done anything over there but Chainer. We also have a Game Calendar. Due to the insane week I had last week I have yet to fix a technical bug, but we’ll get it.

Also we have the jggh Store. The store is ran by and belongs to Drooling Tiger and we have plenty of jggh merchandise there for everyone to show their jggh.net support. Also under the store logo you will see a logo for 360Voice. We have a group there that you are more than welcome to join. When we have enough people there we will start to run contests.

Also jggh Productions is a YouTube channel that I have made to put up game videos and about anything else we want too. I love user made video. So if you get a chance and you have a vid let me know so we can feature it on the jggh Productions page.

The jggh xbox Community. If you want your GamerTag posted on that list. Either comment in this post with your tag or email it to me. Now, I know I have already ask all of you to post your tags once, but everyone may not want their tag up.

You can also follow my self ‘junegore‘ as well as ‘jggh‘ on Twitter to get all the recent post update and, to be honest some random other crap along the way.

So these are some of the current features that jggh.net offers the community. The biggest feature about this site is the community itself. I want the community to feel that they own as much as I do.


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I operate this site. I also have been gaming for 23 years. I am an Xbox LIVE Ambassador and an Xbox Community Xpert. Need anything find me on Twitter @junegore or email me at junegore@jgghgames.com