So as most of you know by now I have gotten back into Halo 3 like a porn star coming out of retirement. It seems that I have noticed something very irritating since.

Level 50’s with second accounts seem to join in on ranked team battles to betray the team their on and make them lose. Now I have only seen this problem on Squad Battle, but regardless it makes me mad as hell. I wonder if when these guys where getting their high ranks on their first accounts if their was someone there doing the same thing to them. I mean really how ridicules do you have to be to start a second account pay for Gold just to fuck someone else over?

looking back on things now, I realize that this is one of the whole reasons I quit the game to begin with. This time though it seems that it’s having less of an effect on me. Not sure if that’s because I’m not as into the game as last time or because I’m more into it. Or maybe it’s because it’s only in Squad Battle that I have seen the problem. Either way I think it’s a very shit ball thing to do. These guys seem not to remember that there are still people out there who are enjoying and trying to make progress in the game. I counted last night and I was betrayed 13 times total from the time I started playing to the time I quit.

One thing I do know is that this time around I do remember that there is Social Slayer and if I get to pissed off at the ranked situation, I have that. So all and all I still enjoy the game even with a few dicks out there that are still trying to ruin it for others. One positive thing about it is that because of the ass bites it gives me a chance to send some nasty messages. Really, who don’t like sending a nasty message?


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