Sorry for not posting in a couple days but im back

Once again Shadows back for a new WTF BUNGIE moment and this one happens alot to people. . . at least it does to me. So this morning i was playing on Assembly on Team SWAT i was running around map and picked up a BooBoo Shield like normal and well i was being fired at and did my normal thing kept running and looked down so it would be harder to hit my head from behind i was all like hahahaha dumb sl*t can’t hit me in the head now and then a guy ran out in front of me i was all like s**t and threw down the bubble shield but still died while in the bubble shield. i watched video and there was no one else but them two dudes and a closer looked showed the bullets hitting the bubble shield and went through and killed me. WTF BUNGIE!!! HOW DID I DIE!! Really Bungie your game is great and all but glitchy as hell make a new update to fix it. Bungie we love you put well your product is too f****ing glitchy please fix


Oh wait im in a post not a letter to Bungie well now you saw through my Spartans eyes on what happens to me this was todays WTF BUNGIE!!! of the day ill try to post tomorrow Shadow out.


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