DVD Review: Inglorious Basterds

So this week I have not been gaming and I’m not sure when I will again. I took the time this week to watch some movies and I thought I would throw a review up for a movie that will be released this coming week the 15th of December.

I watched Half Blood Prince and this movie and I have to say it was a hard choice deciding what movie to review. Both are excellent, but I thought since Inglorious Basterds hits this week and Harry Potter is already out I would go with the first one. First off if you like Tarantino you will love this movie. It is very well done. Lots of dialog and plenty of violence. Even though the movie takes place in WW2 and there are plenty of themed elements through the movie. It still has the feeling that you’re not watching a WW2 movie. Like any summer movie the cast in the movie is very large. The cast also preforms very well in the film.

I tried to get my hands on a Blu-Ray copy of the movie, but with no luck I was content with the DVD. It has plenty of special features to keep you entertained. Things like very entertaining commentary as well as some behind the scenes videos that are very informative on the back story of the movie in real life as well as the film world.

If you have ever watched a Tarantino film you know that all of his films are dialogue heavy. He does something I though could not be done in an action movie. Several scenes in the movie are tons of dialogue, but the interesting thing is he pulls of these scenes with mostly subtitles. Al in all between the mix of action, violence, great performances and some very well written dialogue this movie is very much a win. If I where recommending this or reviewing this to any other group of people but gamers I would only give it a 3. Considering the group here it seems right to give it a 4. So if you get a chance Tuesday be sure to rent this movie or even buy it.


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