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I love movies. I love movies almost as much as I love video games, but not AS much. I have been reading a lot of movie news lately. It appears that this year and next year are just as big for the film industry as for the game industry. In reading all the news I have I have noticed one word that just will not go away. Reboot. I thought that I would share my thoughts on this ‘idea’ with you and maybe get yours in return? I also seen this a a great chance to bring back one of my favorite features of this hole. jggh.net: Film Junkie.

Reboot, Reboot, Reboot. That’s all I have been seeing in the headlines across any movie based web site or magazine. Stop it all ready. Is the reboot idea just another way for Hollywood to say “We ran out of ideas.”? It seems that way. For a little history lesson here. I think the whole concept of rebooting franchises started with Batman Begins. It was a popular franchise that had been murdered by numerous sequel and a less than par director for the type of genre that was Batman. So the reboot worked.

Warner Brothers apparently thought that if it worked on Batman than it can work on Superman. Wrong! Even though I thought Superman Returns was a fair, decent, well directed movie the mass audience did not. So the idea and concept of reboot vanished until The Dark Knight. Now the film industry has went absolutely nuts trying to reboot everything. Really, everything. Spiderman, The Vacation series, Daredevil, Mr and Mrs. Smith, Escape from New York, The Fly and the Jack Ryan series. Now that just mentions a few. Some of those do not even need to be rebooted.

I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but it seems that while the game industry is growing more and more day by day, the film industry just seems to be running out of ideas. What is really sad about this whole notion to take movies that people have grown to love and cherish and modernize them is that when it’s all said and done we will all be standing in that line for what ever movie we DON’T want to see ‘rebooted’ just waiting to see how ‘bad’ it is. Then starts the cycle. The sequels of all our rebooted movies that we never wanted to begin with. It’s all a sad road to no where really. Who knows though maybe my whole outlook on the film industry and Hollywood is to grim. Maybe me thinking that rebooting is NOT the new way for Hollywood to go is wring. What do you think?


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