NFS: SHIFT Review (A Few Months Late)

Rating: ★★★☆☆

A very fun and re-freshing entry into the NFS series. This arcade/sim racer can stand with some of the best racing titles available. For those 360 achievement junkies the gamer score is pretty easy to come by, but like anything that sounds to good to be true NFS: SHIFT is no different.

SHIFT is an arcade racer that is trying to evolve into a sim. That is the best way to describe the feeling you get from this game. It’s very hard to get used to driving the cars. Once you get used to the handling it does not take long to understand that it’s not just you that can’t drive. The control of the ‘physics’ system in the game is just un-forgiving. The better cars you get the harder they are to control. By the time reach tier 4 be ready. The slightest hit or touch to the wall, sand, dirt or any other thing besides pavement will just almost stop you in you tracks. In the same instance you can’t avoid these areas because of the overly aggressive AI.

The AI is relentless. They will slam into you bump you and any other thing that they can to wreck you. The problem occurs because any kind of hit to your car will make you lose control. I’m speaking strictly if you’re racing on average difficulty with no driver or brake assists. I went back and tried with assists and it was not as hard to control, but more of a hassle of to keep your car up to speed on long straights so it hinders you in other way.

The online play is aggressive as well. Not by fault though. Most online races you encounter will be with tier 4 cars. The tier 4 cars are the hardest to control. So in any online race most racers are struggling to drive fairly. On the plus side of the game. Money is easy to make and cars have a reasonable amount of upgrading to do. All in all NFS: SHIFT is a good game rather you’re a fan of the series or not. Just be prepared for a challenge when deciding to play.


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