Are You Practicing Safe Tactics?


When it comes to anything that involves entering a password and a user name you are always worried about security. This includes your bank account, storage, and your email account. You want to know that your information is safe.  You want to know that what you are entering is something no one will ever get a hold of but you.

Sometimes though you cant help but see these scams that try and get you to win 500 dollars, free microsoft points, free gold, or money from a foreign diplomat who wants for some reason to give their money to you because they died. Sometimes, the really stupid people fall for these scams. They get their accounts hacked. They get their passwords changed, they get their identities stolen, they get their money stolen and sometimes you cant ever get it back(minus the bank insurance due to the first Great Depression.) The matter of account security is one that is important to anyone that plays online; especially those who pay for any online services. The following are ways for players and gamers to follow safe and secure ways to keep their account safe:

For WoW (and any other Blizzard game) we have this handy dandy authenticator:

This little plastic piece of equipment is the best security object I have ever seen. Its so good at security that now a days when a player gets hacked, the person hacking the account puts an authenticator on it that way you cant kick them off. In other words, they screw you over big time. The good thing about Blizzard is that as long as you know your safe word they will normally get rid of the authenticator and have all your items back to you as soon as they can. A lot of people still use the old way of changing their password after every use or every month. Both of these can work but if you play any Blizzard game at all which includes, Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and World of Warcraft then you know that Blizzard combined them all into a account. It makes it easier for you to log in to all the games but it also makes you easier to get hacked. Use an authenticator…plain and simple.

Now the thing about playing any computer game that lets you use mods to enhance or change your game play is to watch out for key loggers. If any of you dont know what that is, its pretty much a program embedded into certain codes that record the characters and numbers you enter and then use another program to match them. In other words, they try to bend you over as fast as possible and then forget about the nice bottle of lube they could have used but didnt.

For any Xbox 360 player you know about all the scams for free MS points. If you fell for it then guess what…

When it comes to the 360 the biggest thing people fall for is getting hacked for MS points and sometimes free arcade games. The easiest thing to do is not respond to them. The best thing to do is delete anything that doesnt look like it came from Microsoft themselves. Hackers are experienced tech people who cant get jobs with Microsoft. Microsoft is smart, but the hackers are smarter. Dont get caught up in the wave of free things. Free is bad unless you are on a verified Microsoft site…which usually is Make sure when it comes to looking at emails for these things to look for subtle differences. Sometimes a letter might be out place or it will have  hot link with .com in it but really leads to a .net or a .org. Looking for these things is important to keeping your account safe and not losing all that precious gamerscore. The same could be said for the Playstation Network and on the Wii since they hold your credit/debit card info just like the 360.

The most important thing to remember when playing a computer game is to download any mods by yourself. Dont use an interface from any site regardless of how safe you think it is. The only way you are able to use a sites interface is if you are using something like blizzards authenticator. Just follow these tips and you wont have to worry about getting hacked. As far as console game hacking, dont be stupid. Dont listen to stupid messages and emails about free points. I have seen one legit place that did it and I still barely trusted. thankfully we didnt have to kill Razmig for that.

When it comes to you and your accounts remember to use safety…always use protection!!!


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