Hello, I came Back To Bitch


Yes, yes my friends it has been many of moons since I last graced you with my forced opinions and random non-sense. Today I have came with, yes you guessed it. Something else to bitch about. Today the subject is one that is always sensitive and one of my favorites. Fanboys.

It’s been a damn long time since I touched base on one of my favorite as well as one of my most hated topics. The reason it comes to day is because news recently broke that Micheal Bay would be overseeing a Live Action Remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As I read through the many comments like, “Noooooooooooo” and “He’ll f*** this one up too!” I came to a comment that just generally speaking pissed me off. The comment was the following;

great! first he screwed the transformer fans ( the real fans anyway, not these lame people who CLAIM to like transformers AND bayformers ), now the tmnt francise too!?! damn, don’t let him near star wars or predator! there goes another childhood memory shot down in flames!

Now, let me get this straight. If I did NOT like Transformers in the 80’s (I did by the way) then I’m not a true fan? BULLSHIT!!! What I want to know is who gave this individual the power to decide who gets to be a Transformer fan? Now, if you’re wondering how it is that this subject relates to games, well it don’t. The truth of the matter is that there is a fine line between Fanboys and Fans. Now that I think about I was in an incident about 3 days ago talking to a group of guys who are all currently playing RDR (Red Dead Redemption) on the 360. A guy declared that he had the game as well for the Ps3 and the whole group including myself at the same time kind of mumbled “Awwww” like it was a damn funeral or something.

I guess the point that I make and it seems to be the same conclusion I always come too, is simple. We are all Fanboys about something. Granted some more than others, but there is a difference. While a Fanboy seems to want to think that they are the center and soul of the game, group, movie Ect. a fan will be happy to have the support of another fan regardless of their interest. So until I find something else to bitch about or I free up some time thats all I got this time. Be back before the Play Date on June 13 with some details and some point cards to go along with that game night.


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