Sony 2010 E3 Highlights

Sony started off the show talking about all this 3D nonsense and how they were the ones who will usher it into gaming.But im not sold yet.

They showed more Killzone 3 footage announcing a February 2011 release date and also it will be MOVE compatible on day one.

The PlayStation Move controller will release in North America on Sept. 19, in Europe on Sept. 15, and in Japan on Oct. 21. The controller itself will cost $49.99; a bundle with the PlayStation Eye will cost $99.99.

Sony’s Peter Dille said the bundle will include the game Sports Champions; that bundle will also be paired with a PS3 at $399.99 The Move’s navigation controller is sold separately for $29.99.

Dille said first-party PlayStation Move titles will be priced at $39.99, and there will be between 15-20 Move-enabled titles at its launch, with at least 40 available by the holiday season.

EA was present at the Sony conference to annouce exclusive limited editions for their games including Medal of Honor will get a newly remade MOH:Frontlines only on Ps3,Dead Space 2 will get the a newly redone Dead Space:Extraction with MOVE support only on Ps3.

Gabe Newell stepped on the stage to announce that Portal 2 will be coming to Ps3 with Steam Cloud support.

Then Ubisoft announced that Ps3 will get exclusive content and a BETA for Assassins Creed:Brotherhood only on Ps3.

Sony was all about Exclusives at this years E3.

Sony will offer a premium subscription to the PlayStation Network, one that doesn’t replace the current free service but does offer “an enhanced experience,” with additional content, early demo access and more. It will cost $49.99 a year.

Jack Tretton announced the plans for the premium service at Sony’s E3 news conference. Subscribers may also choose a $17.99-per-3 months pricing plan. PlayStation Plus subscribers also would get “hundreds of dollars” in free content and discounts on certain items within the PlayStation Store.

The first three months of the service will be available for free for a limited time to subscribers, Tretton said.

Standard PSN features now delivered for free will continue to be free, Tretton said. This would include standard multiplayer and messaging.OH and Cross-game party chat.

Then last but not Least Everyones favortite Ps1,Ps2 car combat driven game made its appearance.A new Twisted MEtal was announced for Ps3.


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