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Sony 2010 E3 Highlights

By Vegivo, June 16, 2010 1 Game News

Sony started off the show talking about all this 3D nonsense and how they were the ones who will usher it into gaming.But im not sold yet. They showed more Killzone 3 footage announcing a February 2011 release date and… Read More »

Nintendo 2010 E3 highlights

By Vegivo, June 15, 2010 1 Game News

Nintendo brought its A game to this years E3.Not a fail like last years. Miyamoto demoed The Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword. Release Date 2011 Mario Sports mix was announced and shown its basically a multicollection of sports games with Mario… Read More »

Microsofts E3 2010 press conference Highlights

By Vegivo, June 14, 2010 3 Game News

Im gonna post all the highlights of the MS conference Xbox signed a Multiyear deal with Activision/COD series announcing FIRST exclusive DLC for 2010 to 2012.This basically means xbox will get the DLC first before Ps3 and PC. Metal Gear… Read More »

New E3 trailer for Assassin’s Creed:Brotherhood reveals release date

By Vegivo, June 14, 2010 0 Game News

The trailer reveals a November 16th date.The trailer is in CG and shows Ezio of course.I would tell you more but that would ruin it 😛

Can you say Kiiiiiinetic?

By Vegivo, June 14, 2010 0 Game News

Here are two videos of Kinetic.One shows a fake family playing Wii like games and the other is the TV spot for Kinetic.ENJOY!

New Playstation MOVE video hits the web

By Vegivo, June 13, 2010 0 Game News

A new 30 min demo of playstion MOVE has hit the web.Its showcases Sports Champions and MOVE Party.Sports Champions is Sony’s take on Nintendos Wii Sports and MOVE Party is a collection of minigames.Enjoy!

Motorstorm Goes Apocalyptic

By Vegivo, June 10, 2010 0 Game News

Evolution Studios brings MotorStorm to the Bay Area of California in MotorStorm Apocalypse, making urban areas suitable for off-road racing the only way the makes sense — total destruction. It’s not post-apocalyptic, and it’s not pre-apocalyptic either. It’s just plain… Read More »

Dreamcast makes a Return

By Vegivo, June 10, 2010 0 Game News

Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi will be the first two Dreamcast titles to hit the Playstation Network and Xbox Live as digital downloads this fall in celebration of the 11th anniversary of the launch of the Dreamcast. Sega says more… Read More »