Halo: Reach Armour Details and Avatar Awards

When Halo: Reach is released, players will be able to choose from a wide selection of customisable armour components to get their Spartan looking just right. Here are the pieces of kit you’ve got to choose from.


Note these are just the initial pieces; unlocking higher levels through playtime will grant you access to new components. Interesting that Master Chief, Cortana and Sgt. Johnson are present. Multiplayer skins, perhaps? [Update: Seems they’re voices for the game’s firefight mode]

Bungie also revealed today that players can score some avatar rewards from the game as well, with the helmets of five of Noble Team’s six members there to be unlocked.


Noble Six’s helmet, meanwhile, will only be available to attendees of Comicon, PAX and GamesCom. We will work on getting a few of these to giveaway.


Source: Kotaku


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