Best 400 Points You Will Ever Spend


Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is the best 400 MS Points you will ever spend. I have recently seen on Twitter and a few gaming sites that this game is getting some harsh reactions from gamers. So, not being a cheap skate, scared to spend 400 points for what I seen called “a demo with achievements” I bought it myself.

This game is amazing. I was expecting bare minimum when I started playing, but if you were in any way a fan of the first Dead Rising or are a fan of Zombies in general then this game is for you. If you still have doubts then the first time you duck tape a pitch fork to a shotgun you will change your mind. The game does have a small story and a small map. With all the options you have to do in the game, plus the shear amount of fun it is to just kill Zombies you can get tons of game play out of it. Plus, you have multiple endings depending on how well you do on all of the available options you have in the story.

Choose rather to save survivors, make all the combo weapons, focus on rebuilding a bike, just kill Zombies or do all of them at once you have multiple ways of playing this game. On top of all that after you complete the game you can reset your story and keep all your rank and PP you have earned in the game. You can also carry those stats up to a level 5 into Dead Rising 2.

The game has great flow to the controls and combat feels easy to pick up. When you walk up and down the streets of Still Creek, Nevada killing every Zombie in your path you get a real sense of being overwhelmed. If you ever played the first game you know the exact feeling that I’m talking about. Look, the point here is buy the damn game. It is the best 400 points you will ever spend.


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