Ghostbusters: SoS: Review

When I first started playing this game I was super stoked being a fan of the franchise. Little did I know that I would be disappointed in this game, even enough to make me quit playing.

To begin with the game starts off with a huge opening story that would be super awesome if it all was not done in a animation comic panel style. By the time it gets to anything note worthy in the story you are too bored to care about reading anymore to bother. Then when you start playing and getting into the game it does not take long for the gimmick of having a proton pack on your back. The game is one of the worst examples of the rinse and repeat syndrome that I can think of. Play as a rookie Ghostbuster (lame) and get locked in a room kill ghost that give you cash that you never really do anything with. Do this over and over till you reach the end of the game. Even though this sounds grim, there is a silver lining, just with a dark ring around it.


The game’s AI is not really a problem until you die. Now, if you manage to keep your self alive from the ghost that seem to kill you in a matter of 3 hits then you’ll be just fine. If you’re human and die in what seems to be in the later levels impossible odds then the AI will be a problem. When you die in the game your squad can revive you. This seems like a great idea in co-op, but when the computer is doing it you will find your games ending quickly due to the AI squad trying to heal you when there is no time and one by one they all die off like watching dominoes fall. Game Over!


Now, lets say you have some friends that re willing to play and you all don’t get tired of the same recipe over and over in the game, lets just hope your friends can stay for the long run. The game does feature 4 player co-op online. Yes, a nice feature to have, but ultimately broken due to the lack of the drop in drop out feature. Keep in mind that in the later levels you will be locked in a room and have stand offs that seem like they last forever and when you die over and over and one of your friends decide they’ve had enough, you better get a replacement. The CPU will not take over for a lost team mate. Kind of puts a dark shadow over anything that was remotely worth paying the 800 MS point price they are asking.


All in all I would not really recommend that you buy this game. As much as I want to being a fan and all I just feel that when Behaviour was developing this game that they may have some how missed their mark. The games achievements are no picnic either as most will effect hoe you play the game and even though may not be a huge deal for other is for me. So, unfortunately Sanctum of Slime is just what this game is. Slime.


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