Fable 3 DLC To This Point: Review

I thought that since I have foolishly wasted my MSP on buying pretty much all of the current Fable 3 DLC it would be a good idea to talk about it. Well, maybe not a good idea, but one that could save you 700 or more MSP.

The biggest DLC item available right now is The Understone Quest Pack that gives you 2 weapons for downloading, turns the Mercenary camp into a shooting range/attraction, allows you to play Reavers wheel and of course Understone, but we’ll get to that stuff in a minute. Before Understone was released there was DLC already available. The Industrial Knight costume which to me looks like a Fable version of Iron Man. It alone is 160 MSP and is not really worth it but kind of cool. Also available was the Red Setter dog potion. It to is 160 points and I did not buy that one. The there was the Dye pack that fills your Dye cabinet. Irritating as it is that you have to buy an 80 point item to fill something on the game is stupid and something that should not have to be paid for I still bought it just to have it.


Then The Understone pack was released along with a 5 Star Dog potion and a Hair Pack. The Hair Pack is 160 MSP and has 3 hair styles. The Dog Potion is only 80 points and is something good to have if you are starting new characters, but beyond that it’s also another pointless purchase. Speaking of pointless, that gives a chance to talk about The Understone pack. It’s nice that all the features that come in the pack will give you weapons. You will get 6 weapons total if you ace all the contests. the unfortunate part is that all the weapons you get are guns. The main quest is short and to the point to say the least. I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that if you enjoy killing the little skeleton Hobbes then you will love the DLC because that is all you kill through the whole quest just to get to a very disappointing end to the quest. Not really worth 400 points in my opinion.

All in all the DLC is just plain and simple not worth the money at this point. To be honest I’m going to have to be sold pretty hard to even consider buying anymore DLC for Fable 3.


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