The Arrival (Mass Effect 2 DLC): Review

Intense! That’s the words that come to mind when I think of The Arrival. This is one of those DLC packs that just could not have been any more pleasing, well at least in my humble opinion.


The Arrival sets up the pending arrival of the Reapers to Earth. You are set out on a mission by returning character Admiral Hackett to rescue a operative for him that has gone missing in Batarian space as a favor. From there the game really just does not stop. It’s one intense firefight to another, all while really doing a great job of continuing th story that The Arrival is meant to un-fold. As I moved along the DLC I found myself becoming more connected and attached to the characters again just like I did the first time I picked it up.

It seems to move by a little quick. That’s saying a lot considering that most of the battles you’ll run into while playing will test your battle skills to the fullest. I completed my review play in about 90 minutes and the difficulty was on normal. The pack offers 3 new achievements, but unfortunately I was only able to gain the standard one for completion off the pack. The other 2 will be no picnic in the park to get, but will be a fun challenge to try and complete.


All in all this DLC pack is the the 560 MS points that is being asked for it. It really feels like a direct prequel if you will to the third game and serves as a well needed hold over for the fans of the series. Games that have in depth story and characters like Mass Effect should take note from this style of DLC that Bioware has done for Mass Effect 2.


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