Now Accepting

We are now accepting screen shots for our newest video. Kick Ass Montage 2: Reach Screens. We done a video last year call Kick Ass Montage witch was a collection of screens from Halo 3 submitted by the jggh community.


We have started work on the squeal to that project and are once again reaching out to the community here at jggh to give us your best screen shots. Keep in mind that these videos are for no other purpose but to show off some of our good work at Halo: Reach. There are some rules for submitting though.

1.The screen shot must be taken by the person submitting it. (No Exceptions)

2. No inappropriate screens will be accepted.

3. Each person can submit up to 3 screens.

4. The screens must be from Halo: Reach


All community members submitting will be featured in the credits of the video. There are several ways to submit screens to us.

1.Twitter: Send a message to @reply to @junegore or @jgghgames

2. Email: Send and email to

3. Post a link to your screen shot on here in the comments below.

Simple as that. Get those submissions in and the video will be done in great time. In the mean time be sure to check out our YouTube channel.


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