Dead Rising 2: Case West

When I got my first Xbox 360 one of the first games I played was Dead Rising. The game was repetitive and irritating, but still one for remembering. One of the great things about that game was the main character, Frank West. Not to say that Chuck Greene from Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero is not fun, but there has always been something that catches me about Frank West. That’s why I was excited to play this game until I realized that playing it was going to feel like a task every single time.

I love the fact that Capcom finally made a Dead Rising game co-op. What I am not glad of is that when you play this game on single player you have just as many enemies as you do on co-op. The game itself, just like all the other Dead Rising games takes place in an environment that feels limited in space and you have to complete tasks and rescue survivors. The game picks up seconds after Dead Rising 2 ends. So if you have not played Dead Rising 2 and don’t want spoilers you should take a pass till you play the full retail release of Dead Rising 2. That in mind, DR2: Case West is not DLC. It is a stand alone game that just so happen to coincide with the story of Chuck Greene.


You are placed in the Phenotran Facility where the drug from Case Zero and DR2 called Zmbrex is being made. From there you will take part in several tasks that uncover more about the mysterious Phenotran. The facility is covered from one end to the other with Zombies. With great news combo cards to make new weapons in this game the Zombies are not much a problem to kill if you can get away from the shear volume of the Zombies. Having new weapons to make is also a nice progression to the game that lets you enjoy things in a whole new sick way. The Zombies are not really the problem as much as the Phenotran enemies you will find. Security Guards with machine guns, zombie handlers with electric prods and special guards with power hammers that are really tough. In my opinion those enemies are the real problems in the game.


The multiplayer is the real catch in buying this game. It’s drop in, drop out co-op and the guest in your game gets to play with Frank. While playing the game with a friend it does not mean it will make it any easier. You still will deal with the tough opponents and huge amount of Zombies. You will also have to be able to help your partner if he or she comes in need of assistance. Your partner also has to be close to you if you want to go to a different part of the area that requires a load screen. Not a bad thing, but can be irritating at time. For the most part the game can be completed in about 8 hours or so and that’s taking your time.

The achievements can be got through basic game progression and the game does not support Avatar Awards. The replay value on Case West is not going to be off the charts, but will have some general replay. For most people it will be a blast just to go through with a friend and find creative way to slaughter Zombies. When first starting this game I was expecting a lot thinking of nothing but Case Zero. It just seems that Case West was not as fun of an experience for me. I really wanted to enjoy it more, but something was just lacking for me. Not sure if it was the 800 MS point price or just the idea that the game seems much more than it really is.


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