Epic Dungeon: Review

Honestly the name itself is a pretty accurate review of the game. Epic dungeon is an Indie Game available on the Xbox 360 for the paltry sum of 80 MSP (or $1). The concept of the game is simple, yet elegant. Your choose one of four classes when you start the game, Beserker, Shaman, Tinkerer or Gambler. Then you are shown a short blurb about how you ended up in the dungeon. Then you are off.

Each of the 50 levels of the dungeon you are thrust into are randomly generated, and get progressively harder as you go on. Your goal is to escape the dungeon from the exit on the 50th Level. On the way you will imbibe potions (some harmful), slay foul beasts, gain experience and gold, and encounter random events.


As you gain levels you are given points to spend on your stats (Attack, Defense, Dexterity, and Luck) and every third level (i.e. 3, 6, 9, 12 etc) you are given a point to put into an ability. The abilities are pretty simple, the four main ones correspond to each class, and that class can put one point into their main ability and it goes up by 2 instead.

Shamans get an Ice ability which freezes enemies in range allowing for the next hit on them to be a critical hit. Gamblers get a poison attack that applies steady damage over time to all enemies that are hit with it. Tinkers get an Orb which will fight alongside them and can be detonated for critical damage against all enemies in range. And Beserkers get Frenzy, which is a spin attack damaging all enemies in range. The last ability is Regeneration which, obviously, regenerates your health when not getting hit.


The art is done in 16-bit graphics, but with a game like this, what else do you really need? It’s a simple pick up and play game that has a high amount of replayability. Your best attempts are recorded as high scores and you can keep track of your highest level, deepest level explored, and quickest times.

So the final verdict? For only a buck, you can’t go wrong. Pick it up and enjoy the fine work of Eyehook Games.


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