First Hitman: Absolution Gameplay Shown, is Incredible

Square Enix today released the first gameplay footage of Hitman: Absolution, and by footage, I mean a 17 minute long HD walkthrough. For a game I originally wasn’t remotely intrigued in, I can say that I’m damn impressed, and already longing for more. We’re shown takedowns, stealth, climbing, cool detective style vision, disguises, and clearly multiple ways to go about completing each section. From the demo, it seems like a cross between Deus Ex: HR and Arkham Asylum, two of my favourite games, and two coincidentally made too by Absolution’s people Square Enix and Eidos. If they can pull it off, and I’m already astounded by the demo, then the game should be amazing

Watch for yourself below, and see if you can spot any of the references, and don’t miss the moment at 15:30.


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