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By JackBrommers, January 17, 2012 0 Game News

For the past few days, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono, infamous for his fan-trolling, has been teasing the revelation of a heap of new character’s for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken. He took to Twitter to humorously taunt fans with his… Read More »

By JackBrommers, October 17, 2011 0 Game News

If you’ve been avoiding any spoilers for Arkham City, this may not be the video #for you. Showcasing most of the so far announced villains, from Penguin, to Solomon Grundy, Arkham City’s launch trailer is nothing short of epic. I… Read More »

By JackBrommers, October 15, 2011 0 Game News

Just now during Marvel Games’ panel at New York Comic Con, the team showed a clip of Galactus… being played… by a human… in Ulitmate Marvel vs Capcom 3. It seemed very similar to the boss fight, with the same… Read More »

By JackBrommers, October 10, 2011 0 Game News

Square Enix today released the first gameplay footage of Hitman: Absolution, and by footage, I mean a 17 minute long HD walkthrough. For a game I originally wasn’t remotely intrigued in, I can say that I’m damn impressed, and already… Read More »

By JackBrommers, September 28, 2011 1 Game News

THQ, Complex, and Crooks & Castles have collaborated ahead of Saints Row: The Third’s release to create an official, limited edition clothing line for the game. You can buy a whole lot of this purple apparel, including: hats, shirts, hoodies,… Read More »

By JackBrommers, September 27, 2011 0 Game News

Ubisoft’s upcoming Rayman revamp is getting better, and better with each morsel of new footage that gets released. The new ‘Around the World’ trailer is no exception. Showcasing some of the beautiful environments you’ll have the pleasure of playing through,… Read More »

By JackBrommers, September 26, 2011 0 Game News

Today, SEGA have announced that gaming legend Gordon Freeman will be joining Renegade Ops on Steam as a fully playable character. Driving his classic buggy, and commanding some furious Antlions, Gordon will be available to all who purchase Renegade Ops… Read More »

By JackBrommers, September 23, 2011 0 Game News

Activision’s upcoming build-a-hero RPG X-Men: Destiny, will feature the actual X-Men to aid you on your quests. Releasing a new¬†vignette, the trailer shows the team in action, with a surprisingly large roster consisting of: Cyclops, Wolverine, Emma Frost and more… Read More »