Six Characters Revealed, PacMan & MegaMan teased for Street Fighter X Tekken!

For the past few days, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono, infamous for his fan-trolling, has been teasing the revelation of a heap of new character’s for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken. He took to Twitter to humorously taunt fans with his signature wink face, and insisted that they wait until 8am PST on January 17th.

And now, that day is here, and a new cinematic(ish) reveal trailer has dropped; and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. From the Tekken clan there’s veterans Paul and Law, and the innocent, panda-loving schoolgirl Xiaoyu. And from the Street Fighting crew: fan-favourite evil bitch Juri, boxing beast Balrog, and the ever-classy masked Vega.

But, there’s one huge surprise at the end of the video, with the silhouettes of two more characters; PacMan, and what appears to be bad boxart Megaman. This tease is crazy. PacMan has yet to appear in a fighting game, and there’s undoubtedly good reason for that; he isn’t a fighter. But, Capcom never disappoint, and if there’s a will, there’s a way; I wish them good luck. As for ugly  Megaman… those Marvel vs Capcom players are sure going to be salty!

Watch all of the reveals below, and ponder: “PacMan… how will he work?!”


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