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Hello all!

It’s been quite some time since I have graced the site with my attentions (life and all that) but with recent developments, I find myself free to focus on JGGH Games again. And with that, there are some news items to related to the site that I wanted to go over. Plans and all that. So without further ado, let’s get to the thick of it.


  1. Site Redesign
    • Part of my refocus on the site is a major redesign of the look and functionality of the site. To modernize it and such. Suggestions welcome.
  2. Content
    • JFLUX has done an incredible job with keeping regular content coming out over the time that we’ve been away, and I hope he continues to do so!
    • On top of game reviews, we are going to look into original content in many areas.
      • Videos (Let’s Plays, Video Reviews, Random Stuff)
      • Fiction (Fictionalized accounts of multiplayer shenanigans, if interested, please let me know)
  3. Contests
    • Who doesn’t love contests? We’ll be working hard to bring contests and events with awesome prizes to you, our readers.

Those are the major things I am looking at introducing, but suggestions are always welcome.

Game on!


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