Early Access Impressions: Assault Android Cactus (Steam)

Courtesy of an independent Australian developer, Witch Beam, comes an exciting and action-packed title available for early access on the Steam platform called Assault Android Cactus. Playing out like a twin-stick shooter, you will have to strap up as any of the junior interstellar police (including Cactus, Lemon, and Holly)  to fight off against numerous space foes in the form of robots. Each character has his or her unique strengths in terms of attacks and defense.


Assault Android Cactus will have you constantly moving as wave after wave of these mechanical opponents come at you. As such, you’ll be dodging projectiles as the levels themselves change and shift around at random. At the same time, you will need to keep track of your battery level, which you can replenish as you take down your enemies. You won’t die until this level actually depletes. Hence, you’ll need to be on the lookout for battery replenishments which are dropped off as you take down your enemies. Along with that are other power-ups that make their appearances to strengthen your own fire power.


Controls are pretty fluent and familiar as it’s easy to jump and play right off the bat. There’s not really much to figure out here. The graphics are looking quite solid with plentiful colors and textures while the music gives an added level of satisfaction. It’ll be interesting how much more the presentation will end up in its development.

Assault Android Cactus is available for early access on Steam right now. If you are wanting to get a hold of this trippy and dynamic-looking arcade-style twin-stick shooter, have a go at this one!


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