Paladins: Champions of the Realm (beta)

Paladins: Champions of the Realm makes has already made its way onto the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC steam back in September of 2016. Here you get yourself a first-person shooter playing in a team of five with various champions to choose from. Gameplay-wise, you’ll end up in a battle in a 5 versus 5 fashion. You can rank up your champions and unlock various costumes and weapons with the gold and crystals you accumulate. And if you wish to speed up the process of getting more gold/crystals, you have the option of purchasing them directly. There are also cards to acquire which also boosts various aspects of your champions’ attributes, abilities, and weapons.

There are four main types of these champions: the Front Line which are good for holding the line and protecting teammates, Damage which are capable of dealing high amounts of damage, Support which are helpful in both offence and defence as they can also heal teammates, and Flank which are exceptional in taking out specific targets from behind.  Now you won’t start with access to all 28 champions, but you can always earn them by progressing through the game and earning these gold and crystals. Or you can also get the Founder’s pack which gives you access to them all as well as future released characters.

The overall appearance is colorful with a cartoon-like style. Visual effects are smooth while the champions are well detailed. On top of that, the controls are set up in a familiar fashion as a typical FPS with the ability for players to map the buttons to their hearts’ content.  Take note that Paladins is currently in its beta stage. But so far, I am looking forward to the exciting content to be released in the future.


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