Preview: jggh Sky

This map was a huge hit during our last event. This map also has kind of an interesting history that makes it even better that we’re able to feature it one more time.

When I made this map right after Reach released needless to say I was thinking outside the box at the time. After many changes, we finally featured the map. Then due to a glitch on Reach the map was deleted. Last week it was found in a file share and even though it was an early version it has been updated and is now ready to play. Below you’ll find details about difficulty, rules and prizes.

Difficulty: This map is the hardest map you will face when it come to staying alive. Not only are your enemies killing you, but you’ll be killing yourself too. Every loadout on the map features a Jet Pack and this is the only way to move on the map. The letters “jggh” will be your battleground and all the letter have an inside. If you can stay alive you’ll most likely win. *HINT* The gravity is altered!

Rules: The game is 4v4 and the score only goes to 25 due to the large amounts of suicides. Other than that the standard Team Slayer rules apply.

Prizes: The game prize will go to the player who has the best all around stats. This will include K/D ratio, kills, and amount of suicides. There may or may not be an easter egg on this map. If you find one though, there will be a prize waiting on you.

If you want to play this map with us, please join us tomorrow February 10 when we play Halo: Reach on Xbox LIVE. If you want to join click here for details.


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