BloodRayne: Betrayal

9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Graphics / Art: 10/10

Beautiful Graphics | Great gameplay.

Forgettable Soundtrack | No online coop.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started up BloodRayne: Betrayal. Being a newcomer to the series I had a fresh view of the game and its character. After playing only one level I found the high-speed platforming hack and slash to be surprisingly fun. The game’s new art style becomes apparent right from the menu. This game has a more manga and anime look than other titles in the series, and the vibrant colors alone make you want to just stop and stare at the moon glowing in the background. And instead of the standard voice overs,  Betrayal uses a comic book style word bubbles that appear across the screen at key moments.

The story pretty basic: you invading an underground castle to find someone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much deeper than that, but the gameplay is what really shines in this title. The hack-n-slash combos not only kill your foe, but help you solve the games various puzzles and break through certain walls.

With a Castlevania inspired character, her arm blades and a gun are the only tools at your disposal to slay everything in your path. These two simple items can turn in to chaotic fun in the blink of an eye. The gun can only carry five rounds at a time, but when you defeat an enemy they occasionally drop just one bullet. The enemy design is very fresh and cool with things like: a vampire noble, a witch, and in later levels a blob. More enemies jump out of the woodwork from time to time, and these surprise attacks can be very challenging.

The level design is very beautiful, and fitting to the games aesthetic. From standing tall on a grassy hill in front of a beaming full moon, to the dark hallways of an underground castle, this games levels are varied enough to give a varying experiences and not become dull. Even the levels are out for your blood in Betrayal, with the ceiling falling on you in boss fights, and more. Not enough to finish you, but in the midst of a fight it might take you by surprise and end you. One thing that really makes me smile is beating a chapter or a boss really gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Betrayal gets increasingly hard, with an already high difficulty level at the start, this will definitely appeal to the hardcore BloodRayne fans and anyone looking for a challenge.

Whether you’re a fan of past game,s of the series, or a first timer, this game will entertain you and frustrate you into coming back for more.


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