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By jflux98, July 15, 2013 0

Vanillaware released its game called Muramasa: The Demon Blade back in 2009 for the Nintendo Wii.  This particular title will… Read More »

By jflux98, July 9, 2013 0

Back in 2012, a Playstation Minis game called Velocity was released by FuturLab. This spaceship shooter played in a top-down… Read More »

By jflux98, July 5, 2013 0

WayForward Technologies has brought upon a new game for the Nintendo 3DS available specifically from the eShop as a download-only… Read More »

By jflux98, July 1, 2013 0

Prepare yourselves as the latest crossover game with the largest number of characters being featured is making its appearance onto… Read More »

By Eric Baumgardner, June 30, 2013 0 Game News, PSN, Randomology, XBLA

This Summers line up for the annual Summer of Arcade event on Xbox 360 looks impressive this year with titles like Charlie Murder and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. To me thought the stand out title this year is… Read More »

By jflux98, June 28, 2013 0 Game News, PS3, PSN

Guacamelee has a new add-on content that comes with costumes as well as additional trophies to be enjoyed for both the Playstation 3 and Vita.  Expect to have three different costumes to dress up your character from this pack.  First, you… Read More »

By jflux98, June 26, 2013 0 3DS, Game News, PS3, PSN

If you played such games as Crazy Strike Bowling and/or Wicked Monster Blast, then you should be aware of CORECELL TECHNOLOGY’s work.  This indie game developer based in Bangkok, Thailand is planning on another game initially for the Nintendo 3DS. … Read More »

By jflux98, June 25, 2013 0 3DS, Game News

Titled Project X Zone, this new Nintendo 3DS game will combine over 50 favorite characters from Namco Bandai, SEGA, and Capcom into one single world of crazy action.  With Monolith Soft as the developer, this will be pretty epic to see… Read More »