About jggh Games

jggh (junegore’s Goodtime Gaming Hour) Games are a group of gamers that were formed on the gaming site Gamestarta, and have came together to form a group of super heroes to defend the world fro….Ok, that’s not true.

jggh Games formerly known as jggh.net are a group of gamers that review and give opinions on past and present games. We are not like minded gamers and tend to have different views on much of the gaming world. We know how to have fun when we play and still keep the competition in check, but not forgotten. jggh Games says it all in the name. We play anything that can be played and will have an opinion on it. We are also embarking into the world of Indie games under the banner jggh Games. More on that coming soon.

jggh is recommended for gamers 17 years of age and above, but anyone is welcome. jggh is a space for all gamers to be a part of our ride through the gaming world. So now that you know about jggh Games it’s my pleasure to welcome you back or welcome you for the first time, but either way Welcome to the Hour!

Also feel free to follow members and staff from jggh Games on Twitter.