Raiders of the Broken Planet: Alien Myths Campaign (first impressions)

Mercury Steam Entertainment has officially introduced an action-adventure title for the PC Steam called Raiders of the Broken Planet. Here, you can choose to play as any of the 5 Raiders as you get them to rescue the legendary Lycus Dion from the claws of the Hades Division. You can also play on the other side as the bad guy.

That said, the game’s very first campgain DLC content, called Alien Myths, has been released already allowing you to experience an intense adventure made up of four challenging missions. The missions can involve rescuing, escorting and even facing a number of bosses. You’ll get many opportunites to respawn until the shuttle runs out and Cortez leaves. This puts you into a survival mode with a time limit. If you die, the mission has been failed. Playing by yourself is very tough, so I would recommend playing with a friend online.

Three more campaign packs called Wardog Fury, Hades Betrayal, and Council Apocalypse are planned to be released within the near future. So it will be interesting how the rest of the story and campaign end up bringing us to.


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