T.E.C. 3001

9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8/10

Simple features are a great addition to a unique game.

There is a leveling system in the game, but with no rewards that I found.

T.E.C. 3001 is yet another entry into the Indie Game Summer Uprising. Phoenix Game Studio has made one of the most unique and addicting Indie games I’ve played to date.

The game is pretty basic. You are a nameless robotic runner that runs cleverly created courses that rival anything I’ve ever seen in the racing genre. For such a simple concept it’s so well delivered that you forget the fact that there is no story, no solid goals and for the most part no more to the game than just running. So, you may ask how this game formula is addictive. It’s because the game features certain power ups and abilities that make it so much fun. You have a basic running speed that can be adjusted by either running over green arrows and you can slow down by running over red arrows. The tracks are not just standard tracks. You have multiple routes you can take to reach the goal you are trying to reach. The idea in the level other than running is to pick up batteries. The batteries are strung out all over the course and some have interesting ways to make the pick up.

I was very amused by the game until I was able to reach my runners maximum speed. Running at that speed even the most simple jumps can make or break rather or not you pick up the allotted amount of batteries you need or even reach your goal. The interesting thing is that no matter what speed you run, rather it be max speed or the slowest you can get, the controls are fluid and the game is a pick up and play for most anyone who tries it. I’m a fan of pick up and play games and this game can translate for the hardcore gamer as well as the casual. Of course there are no achievements in the game, but with such a solid Indie title you won’t even think about it. When I first started to review this title I had intended to only test the waters until I had more time to get more in depth. This turned into me playing until I had reached course 19.

Keep in mind that I’m a huge fan of racing, but this game is clearly not a racing game. It’s some sort of beautiful hybrid between racing and a 3rd person game. Several things are added into the game to keep things fresh and they are there in such a discrete manner that you don’t really know they’re there. Things like a gate to run through to change the color scheme of the area that you’re running in. Or a gate that boosts you to max speed will gain your attention fast.

Simple seems to be the key to this game. Everything in it is so simplistic that you learn to love the game for all the great features added in the game in such a way that you just play and play to have fun. For the 240 MS points that are asked for this game, it’s more than worth it and a game that will allow you to keep playing even if it’s just for the amusement of it all. I personally would recommend to give it a try and I don’t think most people will be disappointed.


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