South Park (Zen Pinball 2 Add-On)

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Plenty of South Park challenges and humor | All the favorite characters and famous quotes included in this add-on

Unsuitable for a younger audience

Zen Studios has a huge number of themes from various sources of entertainment taking in the form of pinball tables. That said, they have just released their latest add-on from South Park with not just one but two additional tables to include in your library of Zen Pinball 2/Pinball FX 2 madness for various game consoles be it for the home or portable.


The first table from this add-on to greet you pinball fans is called “Super-Sweet Pinball” that will not only get you motivated in getting those high scores, but getting a high from all the humor and chuckles that this table has to offer. Additionally, you will get to see your favorite characters like the original cast of Stan, Kyle, Cartmen, and Kenny. You will be doing such things as keeping Stan from throwing up whenever his girlfriend, Wendy, makes her appearance as well as engaging in a mini game of Sarcastaball. Furthermore, you’ll be collecting various items to fulfill objectives while you’re trying to hit your pinball across the table. Successfully completing these tasks will ultimately get you all the letters to spell “Southpark” where the final wizard mode is accessible. In this case, even more South Park mayhem comes about.


The second table included in this Zen Pinball add-on is called “Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game” which features our cute little Butters himself! Throughout this table gameplay, there are five main modes that happen to coincide with important moments that this character go through in the South Park episodes including his Hawaiian Hapa Noa ceremony, and the birth of his alter-ego, Professor Chaos where he actually is a villain as he goes against the Coon and friends. When you do manage to complete all the five objectives, you will have the opportunity to go into Imagination Land.


As a result, both tables featured in this add-on are complete with a lot of character animations, details, and high score incentives. There are even extra surprises waiting to be discovered and unlocked. And of course, you get to hear the famous quotes taken from scenes from the South Park episodes. However, the potential drawback is that it is unsuitable for a younger audience. “Viewer discretion is advised.”

Regardless, it’s definitely a treat to have South Park entering the pinball scene. And to add the cherry on top, being an add-on to Zen Studios’ work makes this a definite masterpiece. If you are mature enough, then this South Park add-on is going to be kick ass!


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