Black Friday Is Over

Hello to all who will listen. It has been some time since I put a new post up. So I thought I would write about this past Black Friday. One of the most dreaded days in retail. As the years pass though, one of the most looked forward to by gamers.

As a slave of the retail industry I can tell you that Black Friday 2008 was an awful day. Well, from a retail standpoint anyway. I some how was off work for the festivities, and let me say I was not smart in my choices. Instead of taking this miracle chance to not have to work the dreaded Black Friday in the morning time I chose to shop. Keep in mind that I had to be at work in the evening. What was I thinking? I was out shopping for some Christmas presents, and picked up no games. So right now your asking your self where I’m going with this. Well just because I was not shopping for games does not mean there was not a horde of great deals to be had.

I put a huge list of sales and great deals up in the forum the night before Black Friday. I’m not sure how many of you saw that list, but if you missed it the list was pretty impressive. It appears that Amazon had the best deals to be had. With deals like Fallout 3 for 39.95 and a 360 wireless controller for 29.95, but there where a few items I failed to mention at some different locations. Granted as you can see from the list Best Buy had a 60GB 360 with Tony Hawk for 299.00 witch was a decent deal. The winner of the console sales had to go to Wal-Mart. They had an arcade 360 with Guitar Hero 3 and the guitar for 199.00 and Sam’s Club had a 60GB system with Kung Fu Panda, Lego Indiana Jones, The Force Unleashed and Guitar Hero 3 with the guitar for 299.00. Those were the best system deals. Games were pretty standard across the board. They where falling in the 39.95 range.

I guess the point I’m making is Black Friday has become a standard event every year. Game developers have made November the month to remember for the past few years and that does not look like trend that’s going to stop. So the question is: When new games come out, should we as gamers rush and get them on release day or wait till Black Friday? Then the next question weighs in. Is it really worth going and getting the massive and sometime violent crowds that emerge on Black Friday? I think that if I had no son to go shopping for I would not have gotten in the mess that was this past Friday. Then again, if I wanted a game or system bad enough maybe I would. I live in a small area so it’s easy for me to say that. Those of you who live in large areas may have a different outlook on the whole situation. Either way I think that Black Friday is and will continue to become more attractive to gamers.


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