2009, A New jggh.

For the past 6 or 7 months I have enjoyed having this web site.   I like speaking my mind on the blog and talking to all of you in the forum.  It has been a daunting task to keep it going.  There have been a couple of times that I thought it was over.  To be honest I still have those moments.  There has always been one thing that’s bothered me about the site.   I have always felt that it should be handled the same way we handle our online play.  With no limits.

When this site was first being conceived, there were all these ideas.  Good ones, bad ones and some that are in effect today.  One of the major walls that we ran into was having ‘age appropriate’ content.  So we set forth all the rules to make sure we did just that.  My biggest goal was to make a community for everyone where everyone had fun.  One thing I have always thought is that it was very hard to have fun and do what you want with all the rules in effect.  You know, I was worried about 13 year old kids coming in and being offended.  The strange thing is the whole time I have been worrying about this I have been cursed out by at least 6 13 year old’s or younger.

So now things are going to change.  Starting with this blog, then the forum.  From now on when I write a blog I will speak my mind on what ever subject I am talking about.  For those of you who have played online with me you know what to expect.  For those who have not, you may be in for a small shock.  The point is that I want this blog to be like the rants I go into while playing an online game.   So in my next installment that’s exactly what it will be.  Now the part that I hope all of you will be on board with:  The forum.

I know that everyone may not approve of bad or shady language.  So in the next couple of days if you take a look at the forum rules you will see some changes in the rules.  Don’t mis-understand me, I think the rules that are in place are OK. I just feel once again that with the rules that are in place it’s not like a true junegore environment.  So when the rules change on the forum it’s not going to be no holds barred or anything, but there will be a whole lot more freedom to write what you want.  Whether it be a response or a topic you need to discuss.


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