OK, with all your statistics and facts, it is kind of dwarfed by the fact that the Elite is still Microsoft’s best selling unit.  That’s not the point I was making, however.  The point I was making is that the Elite is so popular that is was still selling regardless of all the things you mentioned.

The fact of the matter is simple.  No matter how you look at it any 360 you buy is still going to be cheaper than any Ps3.  So why do away with anything?  As far as having too many SKU’s, why should that matter either?   Sony has about seven for the Ps3.  So what is the real motive here?  It’s not sales, because they are still moving consoles.  It’s not SKU’s either, because they still have less.  If the motive was to make them more approachable for the hard economic times, well that shit too then.  If they leave the Elite out then you still have two other models to choose from.  If anything why not just cut back production.

The only thing that I can think of is to give the Elite a more sought after feel to it.  That way when a bundle comes out people are going to say “Ohhh, it’s an Elite!”  I mean come on I have wanted an Elite since they came out.  I like the black finish to it.  I never bought one.  I can tell you this though, when I saw that I had the chance to score a red one you can bet I didn’t care at all to dish out the cash then.  You get that feeling that you have something special.  Maybe that’s the whole point.

So I’m not going to argue any further.  You had an excellent response and will more than likely take the win.  I guess maybe a lot of the shit I put out there is my personal opinion on stuff and not a professional outlook.  So congrats on the W(in), but I still think it’s a stupid move.


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