The Future of the JGGH Podcast

Well hello there folks.  Long time no see, or hear, or what-have you.  Regardless of that, I would like to inform you of some exciting and interesting things.  First off, the JGGH Podcast will resume production again soon.  For the time being however, it will return to just being myself doing the hosting.  Of course, I have been out of touch with the gaming world for a few months due to rather unfortunate circumstances, and as such I need your help.  I need tips and tricks, hints and hulabaloo, and the low down on anything at all gaming related that I may have missed.  And feel free to send me your own submissions for the podcast in .mp3 format, there are many guides out there on how to do that if you don’t know how and I will provide links later on.

Now then, a bit of my plan for how this is going to work.  I will be releasing 1 podcast a month due to time constraints, potential lack of news, as well as, well life.  I may choose to tell you about what that means, if you ask really nicely.  Now obviously this first new episode will be featuring some Burnout content, as well as some XBL Arcade content.  I will also be adding in iPod Touch app reviews, but that is pretty much the scope of the detailed information I can report on.  So if someone with a Wii or PS3 or DS or what have you would like to submit stories, please do.  If you are uncomfortable recording yourself, then send me an email with the story you would like to have in the show.

Also a new addition, I will be streaming live video of me preparing the podcast over at (that is actually a link to the stream).  I have also created a Twitter account where you can follow what randomness I unleash upon the world.

For now, that is all, I think…if I think of anything else, I will update here.


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