Project Natal Is Awesome!

Ever since I saw the video for Project Natal I have been simply in awe by what I saw. To be honest, I think that in my opinion it might be the best announcement of E3.

So I have been looking around, doing research if you will. I just have to say that I am so pumped for this thing to release. I’m not real sure how the games will work I don’t know if they will be games to download or retail disk based games. I do know that Lionhead studios is creating a game called Milo. Well, if you want to call it a game. If you click the link and watch the amazing video you will see what I am so excited about. It is frankly unlike anything that I have ever seen. I have watched bot the Project Natal trailer and the Milo trailer over and over. It’s like I can’t get enough.

If you have not seen the camera that is the heart and brain of Project Natal you can click the link to see it. It’s not as big as it look. It is around 6 inches long. Well that is about the size it looks to me in all the videos. If your wondering about just how accurate it is on picking up your motions, no need to worry there either. In a review I read, it was being used while playing Burnout:Paradise. It was said that everything was up to par with the exception of the acceleration. “It was either go really fast or don’t go at all.” Says Brian Crecente from game web site Kotaku. Microsoft said that because Burnout was not made for the camera that it was a little rough. I would imagine the game that are are for it would go smooth as silk. Well, it does in the videos anyway.

Still no word on the release of the product or a price for that matter. I do know that no matter the price or the release date I will be waiting to make that purchase.


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