Revenge of the Fallen is…..

Strangely, not satisfying at all. It’s like your watching the movie, and now your not. That’s how quickly it ends. The movies has got it’s high points as well as it’s low. All in all I have to say it’s a good watch. The big things most people have been hearing are for the most part true. There is a lot of comedy. At moments it feels very pushed or out of place. The really big complaint that everyone seems to have is the twins.

I completely understand why people hate them. I’m not sure if it was because I went into the movie ‘pre-hating’ if you will or maybe it’s because I have truly lost all taste, but for some reason they seemed not to bother me too bad. Two things. The first being I just never really felt like the movie was ever building towards anything. The second and the biggest problem I had with the movie was the plot. Or lack there of. On most movies I don’t complain of a paper thin plot. The reason it’s a problem for me this time is because it was really tough for me to get interested in the movie from the start. You also have to take into account that if you take this movie as what it is. It’s very entertaining and fun to watch. Plain and simple. It’s a ‘Popcorn movie’ a ‘summer movie’ if you will.

You know someone said to me that “The movie would have been good with a lower budget. Because if it had a lower budget it would not be all Micheal Bayed up.” Now the best way I can decribe that is by watching this short 43 second vid. Anyway all and all with a few complaints (Cybertronian testicles) all and all I really enjoyed what is there. Definitely worth a watch.


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