The Start of Another

On September first the Ps3 Slim will be available for $299.00.  Starting today as I write this the 360 Elite will also drop to $299.00.  The remaining units of the Pro will be reduced to $249.00.  After all the Pro units are gone we are left with the 120GB Ps3 Slim and the 120GB 360 Elite.  Rather we realize it or not we are at the beginning of another console war.

Well, not saying the other ever ended, but we are at a new phase.  For the first time since the launch of both systems we will see them go toe to toe.  For the first time you will be spending the same amount of money for very similar hardware.  I don’t think that anyone can really be sure what is going to happen when the prices become the same, but I think will have a lot to do with the reason your buying it.  I don’t think it’s a huge secret that the Ps3 is more of a mulit-media than a game machine.  The 360 is more of a game console than a media device. How you use your console can not be put in a post as a fact because everyone has different uses for the consoles they buy. So, lets look at some facts.

Starting with the Sony side of things. For $299.00 you get the Ps3 Slim that is black in color. You get a 120GBHD, 2 USB ports, built in wi-fi, Blu-Ray/CD-ROM disk drive, no backwards compatibility, HDMI (no cable included), Bluetooth and one controller. The Ps3 also offers free online play.

Now the 360 Elite. For $299.00 you will get the Elite model of the 360 black in color. You get a 120GBHD, 3 USB ports, no built in wi-fi ($99.00 extra for adapter), DVD/CD drive, HDMI (no cable included), no Bluetooth, partial backwards compatibility, $50.00 a year online service and one controller.

Now, there are a whole lot of facts for both systems. Pretty much a straight up comparison. So here is the way I see it. The Ps3 still appeals as a media device that also plays games. The 360 appeals as a game console that also is a media device. What will happen after today when both systems are available for $299? Who knows? What I do know is in the past I have had no luck with the Ps3 and have not had one for a long time. I know that $299 is very appealing to me. Now, I wonder how many people feel the exact same way. I also wonder how many of thise people have a 360 already and have been waiting egerly for those price drops? I guess time will tell. My guess, people will be very willing to go Slim very quick.


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