iGamer: Carton Wars

Welcome to the first iGamer Review.  Here I will be reviewing games for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

This weeks review is for the game Cartoon Wars.

Cartoon Wars is a linear “Arcade War Defense RTS” by Blue.


– In the Cartoon World, there were two tribes: “black and white cartoon” tribe and “color tribe. For thousands of years, “black and white cartoon” were the slaves of “color” tribe. Heroes of “black and white cartoon” tribe united to overcome the violent oppression and to free the tribe. So the war begins…

-You must become a hero of the “black and white cartoon” tribe to free your cartoons.

The objective is simple, create units to send to the other side of the map to destroy the enemies tower.  There are


8 unit types, and various upgrades to them, your mana reserves, your towers HP, your gold production and your Bow’s Range, Damage and Fire Rate.

As you send troops to assault the enemies tower, they send troops at yours.  Gameplay is easy to pick up, and the only variations come in the form of what you upgrade next, otherwise it’s just a matter of sending the right number or type of troops to take out the oncoming wave.  Early upgrades to the Bows Damage and Fire Speed are good bets, as you can easily defend indefinitely with it alone in the early levels, but you will eventually need to send troops to win.  Replay value is high for me, as I enjoy sending stick figures to their death, and it is a simple easy way to pass the time.  Easily worth the .99 price tag, and a solid bet for entertainment.

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