jggh Community Voice

So this is a little experiment I’m going to be trying for the next few weeks. In this section of the site ALL members will be able to post.

Anything from ideas for games to voicing your opinion on the game community itself. It’s pretty simple. If you have something to say and you feel that it should be heard. Sign in, and to the left under the ‘Recommended Site’ thumbnails you will see Site Admin go there and write what you feel. Then set back wait for it to be approved and posted. Now, I know that it sucks that it needs to be approved, but I don’t want trouble makers posting things not safe for all viewing eyes. Not say not to speak your mind, but there is a limit to everything. Now rules.

1. NO un-safe links. I.E. porn, pop-ups…Ect.

2. I do not have a problem with other game communities, but I don’t want jggh to become a billboard for other places.

3. When you write, do it with respect for the community. Treat it like a forum on a bigger scale.

4. Have Fun.

The jggh Community Voice feature is active now. So start writing.


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