junegore is a Driver

While Doug has been busy planning the joint site event with BigBird and GamerMilk, I have been working on something a little more personal.

I have never made it a secret that I like and prefer racing games. This site was founded on a racing game. I just put my love for racing games on the back burner for a while. Well, I decided to move it back up to a priority. Now, in my opinion one of the best racing games ever made was Burnout: Paradise. It just so happens that is also the game this site was founded on.

So now that we have multiple projects going on I thought it was time to bring jggh back to it’s roots. Now I know that racing games are looked down on by most people. So I’m not asking peeps to join my game night that I’m making. I’m simply stating that you can expect to see more Burnout related articles, videos, posts and game nights. Yes, I am making a game night for the site that we will play Burnout. Yes, I do need at least 3 peeps to have a full room. yes, I will be filming the night for the jggh Productions page. I said I was not going to ask peeps to join so I won’t. I just hope that posting this up will bring some racers out in the open. To get back in the spirit of thing I’m going to post some videos that have been filmed in the past.

Keep in mind that when these vids are filmed they are all live. There is no theater option like in Halo. So, what you see is what you get. Keep in mind that some of the vids have some language, some worst than others. For info on that click here.

The rest of the jggh Shodown can be found on the jggh Productions page, five parts in all.


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