Light A Fire!

Hello to all who are still here. I’m back! Kind of anyway. In dealing with my crap that has kept me away. I have still visited the site on a daily basis. Just have not had the will to deal with it. Well, that is all about to change. After looking at this place everyday I realized that we had a chance to make this place into something huge with the play date and just could not top that last hill. Simply put, we where not prepared for the flow of traffic and did not capitalize on what we had at the time. Well, it’s time to light a fire under’s ass!

I WILL be working overtime over the next couple of weeks to get our ducks in a row before I get us another play date. Yes, there will be another. Here is it deal. The site may be out of commission on and off for the next couple of weeks. For those veterans here you all know what that means. “The Cow!” Yes, yet another re-design. I just want everyone to remember that everything we do here is always to be taking the next step into becoming better that we where.

If you want to stay up to date on any content that we may put up there is always the social network pool. Twitter, Facebook and so on. When we are up to a 100% You can expect contest, game nights and plenty of new content on a daily basis. I have brewed up plenty of ideas and am talking with the right people to make them into a reality. Till then keep gaming.

Think. Live. Game


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