Weekend Discussion:What system will sell more this year?

NO this isnt some FANboy ranting about how 360 is gonna demolish ps3 or the other way around.Just post your thoughts on what system do you think will have more system  sellers this year.Im gonna have to say Ps3 because they have a really good looking lineup this year.Starting with God of War 3,Heavy Rain,Final Fantasy XIII is gonna sell through the ROOF on Ps3.Gran Turismo 5 is coming summer.But….there is a NEW Halo coming this year also so 360 sales could surge…?and how can i not forget the WII.Metroid:Other M is gonna sell like crazy and oh the much anticipated New Zelda.Hmmmm this year looks like its gonna be a pretty big year for all systems.So anyways let me know what your thoughts are on this.


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