Blur Beta Game Night Recap

Oh how I was not thinking when deciding to make a game night based around a beta. So many problems while trying to play the game. Somehow though from what I can gather it was still a blast.

First off big thanks to all that decided to show up and play the beta. Those who did not I understand that things come up and I hope you can make the next game event. Even though I did still play with the flu…..Really though I had a blast. With the exception of the server problems and the problem of the 360 freezing up over and over. The game was still a blast. That says something about the game. I love the power-ups and the driving style. The game has tons of fun just pouring out of it.

Lots of nice features including Twitter as well as a in game party feature. I look very forward to playing more of the beta in a few days when the flu decides to stop attacking me. As for the game night itself. I will have a video in the next few days of the nights festivities. So…did you have fun on the beta?


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