Welcome To The Hour…Again

Two years ago I wrote this post about how excited I was about this web site and the people who helped make it a reality. Reading it now I sound like a child happy that he got a new bike. Little did I know that two years down the road I would be disgusted and sick of everything that had to do with the letters jggh.

The sad thing is that was four months ago. I kept hanging with it because I knew that in the words of Bugs Bunny “I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque”. So I tried to figure it out and then I read the above referenced post. I was too concerned with making the site huge and not about the people that came to the site. I changed things that had became all to familiar and started playing games that was not to familiar just to make this place as big as I could. I personally take responsibility for killing the forum as well as the low numbers of the blog. Today, that changes.

jggh is back in full effect with all of my original intentions that I wanted this place for a group of gamers that I liked hanging out with to be. The only difference from then to now is there is going to be more structure. The most important thing for us is support. Not to make the site grow, but for each other and anyone who might cross our path in the mean time. One of the main reasons I decided to do all this is because when we first started we where a group of like minded gamers who played everything. That changed along with plenty of other things. One of the reasons it changed though was lack of support from those who did play other things besides a 360. If we are going to be a group of gamers that play everything, then we need to make our presence known. Not in the “tell everybody to come to jggh” sense, but the I’m here for the group sense.

I started out the idea of having Captains, but it quickly became mis-understood and a hassle. I didn’t want a hassle before the site re-opened so I have eliminated the Captain title and instead made it Group Leader. Group Leader info can be found here. More features will be coming in the days ahead, but for now lets gear up for Reach and whatever else that may be headed our way. Think. Live. Game. Welcome to the Hour!


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I operate this site. I also have been gaming for 23 years. I am an Xbox LIVE Ambassador and an Xbox Community Xpert. Need anything find me on Twitter @junegore or email me at junegore@jgghgames.com
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    Sorry june, I found a glitch with the pole that I might have exploited to point out that this site fucking rocs 🙂