So I’m sitting here on my couch while my wife watches some show that I’m not interested in what so ever. So it occurs to me that my recent smart purchase on my smart phone, I can write here on jggh from the comfort of my couch. Since the show is keeping me from my nightly visitation the old west, I thought I would write about my impressions so far of Red Dead Redemption.

When I first started playing the game I was a little threw off by the slow pace of the game and to be honest I was regretting buying the game. Then I started up the multiplayer and was even more disappointed in the game play there. As I randomly free roamed around New Austin I was quickly realizing that this was yet another $60 wasted. I had decided that it was time to tale this crap to Gamestop. Not before o was going to give it one more night. Now, I can tell you that I would have been an upset mofo if I hadn’t.

On that final deciding night I can’t really yell you what happened, but I’m glad it did. As I started to play suddenly the story just grabbed me. Now when I play, the story just continues to keep drawing me in. I still don’t really have anything to say positive about the multiplayer. That could be because I have been so into the single player part of the game. So I can’t really give a full review of the game yet, but with any luck @Dru212 will be getting A review up soon. So until then I think that I will just continue to hog tie individuals and throw them on the train track.

EDIT: As I posted this Dru also submitted the full review.


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