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Thought I would throw out some quick going on’s here at jggh. It’s been a while since I have told anyone what we are doing and the reason for that is that we have not been doing a whole lot. The Team seems to have kind of went different directions and just have not really been in contact. That does not mean we are not still a group, just that we are a group with broad interest. Well, that’s how I like to look at it anyway.

So it’s pretty much been me trying to do things as far as promotion, features and new stuff. Vegivo has been a huge help with content especially through out E3. Don’t expect that kind of coverage often though as we are trying to focus more on group activity and not news and rumors. Vegivo and I still tweet news and rumors on Twitter. Now on to the whole point of the post. Things that are and will be happening. Straight off I want to talk about the 1600 point giveaway. The contest never happened due to shotty ad support from Xbox during the last Playdate. So I have decided to still give it away in future contests and game nights. The zombie stickers. They will eventually get to the winners as I have them here NOT mailed. Sorry, but it’s hard to do anything not labeled with importance to live when working 70 hours a week.

Site things are in the works as you can tell. The chat box as well as the cheesy flash games have been removed and will most likely not return. If you need to chat at the bottom there is a media bar. You can chat through Facebook and if I have enough request I can make MySpace available. As far as the replacements on the right sidebar. That will be another time. Not because of hiding anything, but simply because I don’t know.

A couple of changes when it comes to the links at the top of the page. You will notice that GamerMilk is gone and has been replaced by PWNity. Same guys, better space. Also Tiger is in the middle of changing stores. She already has a new store open, but not a lot of jggh content yet. That link has already been changed.

Something else I would like to do is ask if anyone that visits this site would be interested in representing jggh in other genres or on other platforms. If so email me or get me on Twitter.

Last, but certainly not least. The Playdate on June 13th was a HUGE failure. Part due the the previously mentioned advertising and part due to E3. The good news. We do have another Playdate. We could have had August, but I requested September. September 26 to be exact. Of course we will be playing Halo: Reach. If you are interested in having your name on the dashboard comment below or email me and I will give you details. Till next time or if I see you elsewhere. [INSERT MOTTO]


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