Nintendo 2010 E3 highlights

Nintendo brought its A game to this years E3.Not a fail like last years.

Miyamoto demoed The Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword.

Release Date 2011

Mario Sports mix was announced and shown its basically a multicollection of sports games with Mario and friends.

Release date 2011

Activision is bringing back  Goldeneye 007 exclusive to the Wii.

Wii Party Confirmed for North America this holiday season

Epic Mickey was announced and will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Wii later this year.

New Yarn Kirby game was announced for the fall

Donkey Kong Returns from Retro studios due this holiday

3Ds was announced and shown for the 1st time.No price or release date was mentioned.

Here are a few partners bringing games to the 3DS

DJ Hero 3D, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Saints Row, Madden NFL, Dead or Alive 3D, Ninja Gaiden, Street Fighter IV, Ridge Racer, Metal Gear Solid, Professor Layton, and Samurai Warriors.

A new Kid Icarus game was shown and was one of the major surprises.


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